Offpeak.sg is an online platform that helps diners save money and time when booking great restaurants online.
All restaurants usually have peak hour and off-peak hour with empty tables at various times. Offpeak.sg works with these restaurants to provide special discount across various operating hours therefore creating a win-win situation for you and the restaurant owner.
You first start by registering an account on Offpeak.sg. Next, browse through the list of restaurants available on Offpeak.sg. Select your favourite restaurant and choose the times with different discount level to make a booking. An email confirmation will be sent to your email once the booking is made. Visit the restaurants and show them the booking confirmation page to enjoy instant savings! Use on a daily basis for daily savings. It’s that easy!
None. It’s virtually free!
You will need to show the restaurants the booking confirmation page immediately when sited before ordering of meal.
The booking time and date is the time you arrived at the restaurants and the discount would be locked in at the time of arrival.

Bookings and Offers

If you’re late, please call the restaurant to let them know that you will be running late. Their number is conveniently located at the details page. We are able to honour the discount level of your booking only within 15 minutes of the booking time. If you know that you will be late, you can quickly cancel your booking and re-book at another time.
You are able to cancel the booking up to 5 minutes before the time of arrival.
Your account may be suspended for repeated offence. We are nice people so just try not to do that too often.
Due to the various discount level at different booking time slots, we suggest that you cancel your existing booking and make a new booking.
After booking a restaurant, a booking confirmation page will be sent to your email. Just show the booking confirmation page to restaurant personal and enjoy immediate savings. If you’ve lost the email, you can retrieve the booking confirmation page by logging into your account in our website.
Do call our concierge number at +65 3159 0530 and we will assist you.
Please read the fine prints before making a booking. In general, the discount will be for the entire bill base on ala-carte, except for alcohol and existing set packages that the restaurants is currently offering.

Restaurant Owners

Just head to https://www.offpeak.sg and click on the "Restaurateur" link and send us your information. We believe in personalized service, therefore our restaurant specialist will contact you to meet up and get you signed up on board with us.
No. We are NOT deals. There are a too many of this out there, right? Our objective is to encourage our users to repeated use our service for daily discounted service. We try to help restaurant owners utilized their off peak hours and maximise their returns.
Just drop us an email and details at info@offpeak.sg and you will be contacted by our friendly staff.