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What is is an online platform that aims to help restaurant owners fill up their empty tables!

Often times restaurant owners are faced with a situation that they do not have enough tables during peak hours and not enough customer during off-peak hours.

By offering discounts at various hours, we are able to fully optimize the restaurants operating hours and deliver more customers to your restaurant during your off-peak hours.

Occupancy Rate

Do you know that the average occupancy rate of a restaurant is only 36% compared to other industries?


Online Exposure
Let us showcase your restaurant on our website and app giving you a boost in your online presence!

Customer Insight
We provide you real-time statistic information so that you are able to better design your marketing campaign to your targeted audience.

Simple and Easy
Let us manage your restaurant contents on our website!

Be seen 24/7
Be reachable and available all the time even when your restaurant is closed.

Let us help you

Growing Customer Base
Giving you access to 100,000* eyeballs a month, we make your restaurant available to a much wider audience.

Fill Up Empty Tables
We are able to fully optimize the restaurants operating hours and deliver more customers to you during your off-peak hours

Maintain Your Customers
We are not a one-off deal site as we aim to be used as a daily lifestyle solution to help you continuously grow your customer base and keep them coming back.

Customer Statistic
A better understanding of your customers is vital in creating better marketing campaigns.

Building Online Presence
Make us your online brand ambassador and let us build your online presence for you.

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